Why become a Male Escort?

Why become an escort?

The Escorting industry is booming at the moment and is now completely acceptable within our society. There are literally thousands of people demanding professional Escorts everyday – and why not? 

With more equal and liberated times we have seen a dramatic increase in career minded men and women who need a professional Escort to fulfil many social demands.

Previously there was more demand for women escorts over gent escorts BUT the new modern attitude towards escorting has resulted in a dramatic rise in the number of women now requiring male escorts.

Men of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and religions can become Male Escorts, you do not need to be George Clooney to Become a male escort.

Remember, clients come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, backgrounds, cultures and religions, and may not all be looking for the stereotype pretty boy Male Escort.

The main requirement of a Male Escort is Companionship, if you Become a Male Escort you will be required to accompany clients as their companion to various events such as dinner dates, social events and functions, weddings and maybe even weekend breaks.

What does becoming an escort involve?

As a male escort, you will be required to accompany women to events, weddings, work functions or just provide companionship for an evening. Prior to the date you will be contacted by the client and they will tell you what is required and you then have the opportunity to accept or decline the booking.