Male Escorts – FAQ

Male Escorts Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We don’t charge you any sign up costs and no costs to view our male escorts profiles, the only time you pay is when you book an escort of your choice

How do I pay for my male escort?

You should pay your escort in cash in full at the start of the agreed meeting date. All payment goes directly to the escort and we do not take a cut of any earnings.

How do I become a male escort on your directory?

If you are looking to become a male escort with us then you can visit our Become an escort page which will show you our monthly payment plans. Once you have selected your payment plan you can register your login information and then pay using our secure payment provider. We will then instantly verify your information and you will be able to create your escorting profile with us and appear in our search results.

What makes a good male escort?

We are currently looking for all types of men from all types of backgrounds, and from all over the UK.

 Looks and age are not as important as you might think and one Client´s needs will differ to the next, looking for different qualities in their deal companion. Like anything really, the secret is not what your background is or where your are from, but how much you want to succeed. 

If you can say yes to the following then the chances are you will be perfect.

What experience do I need?

The simple answer is that you do not need any previous Escorting experience. Escorts that are new to the business choose Male Escorts because of the support and service we provide.Once you join as an escort you will receive complete guidance on how to conduct yourself with clients. We also provide tips and advice as well as do’s and don’t’s.

As already mentioned – the successful Escort does not need to be a model or have film star looks – not at all! In fact, most of our visitors are looking for regular people with whom they can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Note – To improve our service and help our escorts we have recruited former escorts to be a part of our team. We have also recruited one of our Escorts, Kyle, to help with any additional support you may need and offer any advice he can via Phone call or Skype call.

What if I’m already an independent Male Escort?

If you are already an independent escort then becoming a member with us will certainly increase the amount of enquiries and work that you currently receive.

How would I cancel my subscription if I wanted to?

If you would like to cancel your subscription with us then you can email us at with your escort name or username and we will cancel your subscription within 24 hours.