About Us

Male Escorts – Introduction

We are a small team of experienced male escorts that provide a male escort advertising service to others in the escorts industry in-order to boost their bookings from clients.

We launched our website in 2010 and since then we have had a huge impact on the male escort industry, firstly by offering escorts the ability to easily create a profile on our directory and then allowing our visitors to directly contact the escorts themselves without any interaction needed from us.

Male Escort Stats

Male Escort Stat

We like stats and we like to show them to our escorts to prove that we are the best male escort directory on the web. Our analytics show each month that over 10,000 unique visitors are viewing our escort profiles and making bookings with the escorts of their choice.

As well as our site visitors we have over 2,000 different types of male escorts registered with us that are spread all over the UK and are taking bookings from clients daily.

Our team of male escorts

We know that to be able to run our website successfully we must offer the best escorting advice possible to the male escorts that choose to advertise themselves with us. We have a team of 10 ex male escorts waiting to share their knowledge and tips on running your own male escorting business to it’s full potential as well as advice on how to create the best escort profile possible.