Why Women Hire Male Escorts

There are many reasons male escorts are in such high demand in recent times, and some of these may surprise you. Although most people assume that male escorts are male prostitutes, this is more often not the case.

Society today often demands that women be seen with a man on her arm for various events, and unless the woman is in a relationship, she may not be taken seriously. Below are a few of the reasons that women hire male escorts today:

To Stop People Asking Questions

As women reach their early to late thirties, there is a certain expectation from friends and family members that she should be ‘settling down’. By this age, most people are getting married, and many single women often feel pressurised to be in a relationship of their own. It may get to the stage where a woman will hire a male escort to attend a friend’s wedding just to stop others asking if and when she is going to find a man.

As a Date

Some women will hire a male escort to accompany them to a work event or business trip. If a woman is working away with a group from her company who will all have their partners with them, she may feel uncomfortable if she is the only single person in attendance. Alternatively, if she is worried about advances from a male colleague during the trip, she may want to bring an escort to deter this co-worker.

To Boost Their Self Esteem

Having an attractive male companion on her arm may make a woman feel special. Many women like the way heads turn in their direction as they walk into a restaurant or hotel. It is the male escort’s job to show the client attention and make her feel special.

For Companionship

Some women are simply lonely. They want to be able to go out for a nice meal with a man; if they are not in a relationship, they may be unable to do this. A male escort will give the woman someone to connect with and talk to during a night out at the theatre, cinema or a restaurant.

The above are just a few of the reasons women across the United Kingdom hire male escorts. There are obviously many more that we could add, but the generalised reasons listed above should give you a broad understanding.

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